The core values of our daily diligence are: practicality, learning, innovation, efficiency and service.
Our increasingly diligent organizational model is the "work-learning" organization that keeps pace with the times.
Think of work as an opportunity to learn.
Learning is to transcend oneself improve personal quality create higher efficiency create higher value
Our daily and diligent work style is: hard work, rigorous, meticulous, active, conscious, fast, and the pursuit of perfection.
Either develop or die out in ignorance, waiting, backwardness and numbness.
Our increasingly diligent crisis culture is that we will never go bankrupt for more than three months.
Our changing culture is that people are afraid of fruit and Buddha is afraid of reason.
If you want to change the world, you must first change yourself. Self-criticism is the only way to success.
A person's change is a matter of willingness - --- attitude decides everything. !
When a person has the world's first-class attitude, he will surely find the world's first-class methods --!
Our ever-increasing culture of hard work is that every private effort will be doubled in return, and will be shown in public places and in future values...
How do you work? How do you work?
If you have wisdom - --- Please bring out your wisdom --!
If you don't have wisdom - - - please let your sweat flow out...!
If you are neither wise nor willing to sweat - --- then please leave --!
Our increasingly diligent learning culture is that our only competitive advantage in the future is to learn more and faster than our competitors.
Learning ability determines wealth ability.
It's easier to take (imitate / learn) than to create - the fastest way to succeed is to copy.
Learning should be planned, assessed after learning, and applied after learning.

Our increasingly diligent training culture is: the reasonable requirement is training, the unreasonable requirement is training, whether reasonable or unreasonable lies in exercise...!
Our four or three philosophies, which are becoming more and more diligent, are: the three great philosophies [depending on virtue, wisdom, learning, wealth and creation]
Philosophy of Three Concentrations [Concentration, Concentration, Speciality]
Three Diligences Philosophy Diligence [Learning, Thrift, Diligence]
Our increasingly diligent team culture is that there is no perfect individual, only a perfect team.
Team is me, I am the team.
To be the team's favorite, not the team's debt...!
Our increasingly diligent talent concept is that our company has only two types of people.
One is an expert, the other is an entrepreneur.

Do not love airborne love young generals.
A talented person can not only adhere to principles but also be good at compromise.
Our increasingly diligent employing philosophy is: the competent, the mediocre, the mediocre.
Appointments with virtue and talent break the rules, appointments with virtue and talent cultivation, appointments with virtue and talent restriction, and appointments without virtue and talent resolutely need not be used!
Our increasingly diligent communication culture is that speeches should be specific, quantified and communication should focus on response mechanism. [Three treasures of communication: nodding, smiling and praising]
Our increasingly diligent misunderstanding theory is that 98% of the contradictions between people are caused by misunderstanding, and the number of misunderstandings and misunderstandings are indicative of a person's quality!
Our increasingly diligent management culture is that management is serious love - strict relatives, sparse people are lenient.
Management - --- that is, high standards and strict requirements of "army + school + family" are not right about people, management is not concerned about human relations.
Management is to manage details - the essence of management is not to know, but to act.
Knowing is powerless, knowing and being able to do is productivity.